Security Services

Security / Protection Services

We provide manpower security services for the security firms who give complete security from all forms of threat that may be inappropriate and unlawful. We offer the trained and experienced individuals who can handle any uncalled circumstances with fearlessness and calmness.

The candidates selected by us are specially trained according to the structure of industrial, commercial and residential constructions to make sure the best outcomes. Recruitment expertise comes through specialization and at Momentum Recruitment we have a team of consultants that focus on the following areas of responsibility :

  • Corporate Security
  • Defense & Homeland Security
  • Security, Audit & Fraud

Mobile Patrol & Escort Services

Mobile patrol provides a range of services including patrols, keyholding, alarm response, lock/unlock services, and lone worker protection and escort.

Our mobile services are a cost-effective option for small and medium-sized businesses, where one security officer serves multiple customers within a limited geographical area and carries out beat patrol, call-out services and opens and closes business premises.

At Security Specialist we offer escort services. Our patrol officers will give you the peace of mind you deserve by accompanying or standing by you and your family or your employees while arriving or departing from a location. Whether you’re closing up shop for the day or coming home, we will work closely with you to develop an effective schedule and operations plan to deter any criminal activities from occurring.

Mobile Patrol
K9 Services

K9 Services

K9 Security Teams, Close Protection Officers, Door Supervisors & Security Guards

Our security dog and handler teams are a valuable asset to our company and are trained to deal with every potential threat to your business or event.

Our guards are adaptable to your needs and can be uniformed to make people aware of their presence or dressed down in plain clothes, they are fully trained in first aid, conflict management, locksmithing and drug awareness.

Our dogs are trained to the highest standards and are proven to be an excellent deterrent for criminals. The dogs are trained to pick up the presence of intruders/criminal activity by scent, sight and sound and are able to alert their handler. Alone a handler may not be able to detain a suspects but as a team our dogs use controlled aggression to detain suspects or control crowds until the relevant authorities/backup arrive. Dog teams are mobile in specialist vehicles and are teamed for life, our dogs live with their handlers to create a close bond and ensure they are socially well mannered.

Fire & Medical Services

We specialize in the supply and installation of systems that minimize risks and fulfill your specific safety needs. Having deployed hundreds of systems in the past, we have the installation and the management experience to tackle projects of any nature with ease. We can also provide you with impartial advice on system integration and connectivity to suit your requirements.

While our safety services include the primary categories of fire prevention and medical aid, our security officers perform a variety of additional safety services.

Our service also includes the design, supply, installation and commission of a huge range of fire alarms. We can also provide portable fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and nurse call systems.

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Services

A complete executive protection service involves multiple aspects of security for the important people. It is responsible to provide comprehensive services so that there is no compromise on the security of such important personalities.

We provide bodyguard and their job is to safely move clients from one place to another and keep them out of the vicinity of any potential harm.

We provide bodyguard with skills of vigilance, sixth sense, body language, proactive approach, calmness, presence of mind. We give specialized training to bodyguard to handle all kind of threat perceptions & intelligence gathering.

Our teams are very adaptable

  • Alarm Response
  • Body-Guarding /Close Protection
  • Cash, Valuables
  • Corporate Events
  • Covert Security
  • Exhibitions, Concerts & Festivals
  • K9 Security Teams
  • K9 Street Patrols
  • Key Holding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Rapid Response Teamss
  • Retail Security
  • Security Within a School Environment
  • Staff Escorting
  • Surveillance
  • Vehicle Escorting

Our Philosophy

We will work to protect what you have, your assets and your people; whilst helping your business grow, safeguarding your assets against the damage and disruption inevitably caused by untreated risk.

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